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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Islamophobia - 1

This is the first of several takes on the various aspects of Islamophobia.

Here we examine what it is, and what it ain't.

Islamophobia, May 21
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Islamophobia #1


Hello? Yes Ma’am, I am VERY concerned about Muslim thugs killing my friends, loved ones-

What? You consider me Islamophobic?

You ACCUSE me of Islamophobia? And that’s… bad?

Uh-hunh… uh-huh…

Well, Ma’am… Ma’am? Thank you. Thank you for bringing up this charge of Islamophobia, since you know that science defines a phobic response as an involuntary fear response of the body, overwhelming in character, with identifying signs including non-consciously controlled sweating of the palms, shallow breathing, vascular constriction in the skin, dilation of the pupils or pin-pointing of the pupils, and raised bloodpressure.

Are we together here?

And you, Madame, can clearly hear that I am NOT breathing in a shallow manner, my voice is not nearing a scream or totally silenced with fear, and I’m holding the phone easily with dry palms and fingers, wouldn’t you agree?

But IF you mean that I recognize the murderous intent and efforts of SOME of the Muslims to dominate me, subjugate me, or kill me, then you’re accusing me of being rational and competent in my observations, and I proudly acknowledg-

What? Well, same to you, Lady!

Gaza "Militant" Picnic

Don't miss the first annual Gaza militant picnic.
Place: Qassam firing range. Contests and prizes for all Islamo-barbarians. But you have to be present in one piece to be eligible.

- Burqa sack race.
- Car swarm treasure hunt.
- Stone the adultress (all who are without sin!)
- Cat Tractor rides (Courtesy St. Pancake Carnaval Enterprises, Inc.)
- Arts & Crafts tent, offering make-your-own Hamas battle scarf/face mask; evil Zionist rub-on tatoos; victimhood sign painting. (Hat tip: Lazarus)
- Hand painting (blood red only).
- Fence climbing and tunnel crawling marathon.
- Bomb assembly race (can you finish without a "work accident"?).

- French kiss the tight, young boy of your choice (you must catch him, first!)
- Shoot your AK-47 straight up in the air contest; compete with others to see who can hit themself on the way down).

- 1ST PRIZE: Bomb belts for the whole family.
- 2ND PRIZE: Israeli flag, gasoline, and matches.
- 3RD PRIZE: Jihad, the board game. Now you can play at home!

Grab an earful, Friend:

Gaza Picnic!


Jordyptian Car Swarm!

-Car Swarm!-


‘Allo! … Hae, Ahmad! Howza hammer hangin?

No, Mahmoud’s out today, didn’t you hear?

Isray-eelis Defense Force sent a missile and blew up one of our Mercedes-Benzes!

Yeah, we have no money, poor us, whimper whine… but even worse, Ahmad, wat was IN the Banz? Four thinking thugs, top terrorists, jihad generals, KA-Blooooey! Blasted to mince-meats, splinters, bite-size pieces conveniently-

What? Oh, sorry. Anyway, you know what this means… CAR SWARM!

Bring your kids and family (except the women, they must remain chained at home) and Come On Down!

Join the Swarm of Jobless Jeehadi Jordyptians as we mill around the remains, rubberneck the wreck, shout imprecations, pose for the cameras and snatch souvenirs!

You did? His WHAT? (laughs) Well, HE won’t be needing it any more!

No, I’ve collected 2 hands, a chunk of scalp (with hair) and an eyeball! I’m making a report to the UN to counter the lies and propaganda calling us ghouls!

Yes, enough of this chit-chatter, Ahmad! Meet me at the Car Swarm!

-Karridine, BSWSpunes.blogspot.com May 21, 2006 CE

Car Swarm!

Thoughts on Immigration: (Labor Day Lumps)

These were some ruminations collected around the blogosphere and coming to mind this Labor Day, 2006 CE.

A guy walks into the local welfare office for his check, marches straight up
to the counter and says, "Hi... You know, I just HATE drawing these freebees. I'd really rather have a job."

The social worker behind the counter says, "Your timing is excellent. We just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a chauffeur/bodyguard for his nymphomaniac daughter. You'll have to drive around in his Lamborghini, but he'll supply all of your clothes. Because of the long hours, meals will be provided. You'll be expected to escort her on her overseas holiday trips several times a year. You'll have a two-bedroom apartment above garage. The starting salary is $200,000 a year."

The guy says, "You're kiddin' me!"

The social worker says, "Well, yeah, but you started it.”


What do you call a Muslim in a suit?

“The Defendant”


“A Day Without Illegal Immigrants? How will we continue to exist as a nation?
No Greenbacks For Wetbacks Day. What a good idea.
But what’s one day going to prove? I go without FOOD for one day periodically. No problem.
You want the gringos to notice? Keep it up for a year.
Don’t work for the gringo “Man” for a year.
Don’t use free gringo health care services for a year.
Don’t send your español speaking kids to gringo schools for a year.
Don’t do anything that would land you in a gringo criminal court for a year.
Don’t drive on gringo roadways for a year.
Don’t accept money from gringo tourists for a year.
Don’t vote in any gringo elections for a year.
Don’t take any gringo handouts for a year.
Don’t use any gringo medicine or news or entertainment or inventions or technology for a year.
Don’t use the gringo mass transit systems for a year.
Don’t send gringo money back home for a year.
Don’t come north across the gringo border for a year.
In fact make it a decade and watch those gringos really suffer!”



My only words of caution are not to lump all Hispanics (for want of another term) in with these pieces of shit. Lots of loyal Mexican/Latin Americans do not want the illegals here either and want the law upheld.

Never have. I know too many that have worked to get their citizenship and despise the illegals for depressing wages. If someone thinks what gets said here (on this blog) is vicious, they should hear what my friends say.


Immigration Work Rules
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 17:26:08 -0500
This is interesting whether you are for or against immigration.
The following from a director with SW BELL in Mexico City.
I spent five years working in Mexico. I worked under a tourist visa
for three months and could legally renew it for three more months.
After that you were working illegally. I was technically illegal for
three weeks waiting on the FM3 approval. During that six months
our Mexican and US Attorneys were working to secure a permanent
work visa called a FM3.

It was in addition to my US passport that I had to show each time
I entered and left the country. Barbara's was the same except
hers did not permit her to work. To apply for the FM3 I needed
to submit the following notarized originals (not copies) of my:
1. Birth certificates for Barbara and me.
2. Marriage certificate.
3. High school transcripts and proof of graduation.
4. College transcripts for every college I attended and proof of graduation.
5.Two letters of recommendation from supervisors I had worked for at
least one year.
6. A letter from The ST. Louis Chief of Police indicating I had no
arrest record in the US and no outstanding warrants and was "a citizen in
good standing."
7. Finally; I had to write a letter about myself that clearly stated
why there was no Mexican citizen with my skills and why my skills were
important to Mexico. We called it our "I am the greatest person on
earth" letter. It was fun to write.
All of the above were in English that had to be translated
into Spanish and be certified as legal translations and our
signatures notarized. It produced a folder about 1.5 inches
thick with English on the left side and Spanish on the right.
Once they were completed Barbara and I spent about five hours 
accompanied by a Mexican attorney touring Mexican
government office locations and being photographed and
fingerprinted at least three times. At each location (and
we remember at least four locations) we were instructed
on Mexican tax, labor, housing, and criminal law and that
we were required to obey their laws or face the consequences.
We could not protest any of the government's actions or
we would be committing a felony.
We paid out four thousand dollars in fees and bribes
to complete the process.

When this was done we could legally bring in our household
goods that were held by US customs in Loredo Texas. This meant
we rented furniture in Mexico while awaiting our goods. There were
extensive fees involved here that the company paid.
We could not buy a home and were required to rent at
very high rates and under contract and compliance with
Mexican law.
We were required to get a Mexican driver’s license. This was
an amazing process. The company arranged for the licensing
agency to come to our headquarters location with their
photography and fingerprint equipment and the laminating
machine. We showed our US license, were photographed
and fingerprinted again and issued the license instantly
after paying out a six dollar fee.

We did not take a written or driving test and never received
instructions on the rules of the road. Our only instruction was n
ever give a policeman your license if stopped and asked.
We were instructed to hold it against the inside window
away from his grasp. If he got his hands on it you would have to
pay ransom to get it back.
We then had to pay and file Mexican income tax annually
using the number of our FM3 as our ID number. The company's
Mexican accountants did this for us and we just signed
what they prepared. It was about twenty legal size pages annually.
The FM 3 was good for three years and renewable for two more after 
paying more fees.
Leaving the country meant turning in the FM3 and certifying
we were leaving no debts behind and no outstanding legal affairs
(warrants, tickets or liens) before our household goods were
released to customs.
It was a real adventure and If any of our senators or congressmen
went through it once they would have a different attitude toward Mexico.
The Mexican Government uses its vast military and police forces
to keep its citizens intimidated and compliant. They never protest
at their White House or government offices but do protest daily
in front of the United States Embassy. The US embassy looks
like a strongly reinforced fortress and during most protests the
Mexican Military surround the block with their men standing
shoulder to shoulder in full riot gear to protect the Embassy.

These protests are never shown on US or Mexican TV.
There is a large public park across the street where they
do their protesting. Anything can cause a protest such as
proposed law changes in California or Texas.
Please feel free to share this with everyone who thinks we are
being hard on illegal immigrants.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Week's Small Victories!

For your listening pleasure, these are the week's top picks, from May 13 to 20:
(counting down from 10 to 1)

#10: Leaving on a Jihad Plane!

#9: Estrogen!

#8: Gaza Picnic Fun!

#7: Zarqawi, Waiting for the Blow to Fall!

#6: Hirsi Ali's Fight!

#5: Save Nazanin!

#4: Aloha Snackbar, Resort to Violence!

#3: Global Islamic Media Person -> GIMP!

#2: Sheiku!

and still the most-downloaded of them all:

#1: Its in the Koran!

Til next week,

Kerri-catured in a self-portrait up there!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ahmadi-Nutjob Declares WAR on US!

Some think Iran's 'Letter to Mr Bush' is just a lot of smarmy phrases, but it was NOT just smarmy phrases!

It was a Formal Declaration of War on the US!

This letter was required under Shari'ah law, and Ahmadi-Nutjob has fulfilled the formal requirements for war, according to all he holds sacred!

NOW he is being lionized in Jakarta for his courageous stand and Declaration of War against the Great Satan!

He isn't being lauded for Great Smarmy Phrases.

He is being praised for GOING TO WAR against the Great Satan, and his 'Letter' ends Iran's wait for our capitulation, on June 6, 2006:
6/6/6, in other words, "Mark of the Beast Day"!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Letter to Bush! (via IowaHawk)

My hat virtually dances on my head, in tipping fervor, to IowaHawk for his excellent work in retrieving the transcript to today's recording of Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad's "Letter to Meester Boosh"

You like it? You got it!

"Letter to Bush!" (Right-Click and Save as...)


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

American Airline Pilot Speaks Out!

Many thanks to Terry Franks and his friends across America, who sent me the letter forming the basis for this recording.

Since Sept 11, 2001 it has become apparent that certain people WITHIN America have an obligation to themselves, their ethnic community and America-at-large, to publicly take a stand FOR America... FOR courage, FOR life and decency and GOOD...

But listen for yourself, to an Open Letter from an American Airline Pilot! (Right Click and Save as...)

And as always, your emailed suggestions are appreciated, even if I can't record them all. You think it's important? Email me your suggestion!



Monday, May 08, 2006

Zarqawi Stars in His Own Low-Brow Comedy!

Musab al-Zarqawi (Don't call him Zarqa-weewee!) came out of seclusion and out of hiding from the few who still care about him enough to capture him, dead or alive...

And released the video he made from the outtakes captured by Coalition forces and released in part yesterday to the amusement of millions around the world, who laughed in derision as Zarqawi, the macho and manly man, showed himself to be a less-than-capable fighter, unable to clear a jammed weapon; surrounded by willing but dangerously stupid underlings (one of whom grabbed the just-fired weapon by its searingly-hot BARREL!); and forced to make this hasty attempt at third-rate propaganda because the Iraqis are marginalising him, despite all his murderous IEDs and head-hacking kidnappings!

So here, for your listening pleasure, are two Zarkman Adventures:

Oh-Blah, Zarkman!
Mahmoud Snivels!

Share them with any humour-impaired that you may know, or friends and family!


Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Ibrahim" Hooper Promotes Islamophobia

A brave, chaste and dedicated 'moderate' Muslim journalist was just recently murdered in a very cruel and demeaning way, and her murderers filmed it and put the head-hacking on the Internet, to warn and frighten other journalists and truth-reporters AWAY from revealing just how SICK and dehumanized her Islamo-fascist killers are!

Here is the recording of "Ibrahim" Hooper, American CAIR hired mouth, handling the first of many phone calls demanding he take a stand for humans and against the brutal killers.



Friday, May 05, 2006

Frankenstein, to the White Courtesy Phone with CAIR

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the terrorist-front organization called CAIR, recently let this recording of "Ibrahim" Hooper get released into the blogosphere!


And a big Howja Dew to Steve, in northern Texas!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Juan Down, Two to Go!

IowaHawk went dumbster diving and found this first-daft of Perfessor Juan Cole's rebuttal to Mr Christopher Hitchens:
"I'm Not A Loser!" (Right-Click and Save as...)

What set this off? Mr Hitchens DEMOLISHED Cole, with an online short essay:
"Mahmoud DIDN'T?"



After being one of President Bush's and Secretary Rumsfeld's biggest critics for several years, about the need for and carrying out of the war in Iraq, Retired Army General Barry McCaffrey now reports positively and glowingly on the unreported progress and wins for America in Iraq:

Generally Good!

(Right-Click and Save as...)

This rational report serves as a steadying counterpoint to the irrational, heady sarcasm and satire dished up in Zarqawi: This War Sucks!

Enjoy them both!


Warning: Do NOT listen to these if you're an Islamo-fascist, or a leftist supporter of Islamo-fascists, or anti-American, or if you suffer Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS).
These are based squarely on objectively verifiable truth and actuality, so they are guaranteed to make you angry, hurt your feelings, and leave you helpless, hopeless and despairing of EVER defeating America!

Ready to WIN?

IowaHawk graciously posts inside info from al-Qaeda's VP for Violent Progress in Iraq, Musab al-Zarqawi (please, DON'T call him Zarkaweewee!), who expresses his inmost sensitive feelings about how the war is going, in this MP3,
"This War SUCKS!"

Poor Zarkman, saddled with morons in his fight against The Great Satan!

But then, that's the way Satan works, isn't it? Or is it God, who makes us achieve success through normal humans?


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hitchens as Right-On Analyst!

My favorite leftist commentator is Christopher Hitchens, primarily because his analysis is logical, his logic is impeccable and his observations are accurate and supported in fact.

Today I have recorded Hitchens' short dissection of Juan 'The Perfessor' Cole, in particular Cole's inability or refusal to acknowledge Iran's decades-old, ongoing dedication to "wipe Israel off the map!"

Here is your non-satirical, straight look at "Cole's Poor Vision" (Right Click and Save as...)