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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Jordyptian Car Swarm!

-Car Swarm!-


‘Allo! … Hae, Ahmad! Howza hammer hangin?

No, Mahmoud’s out today, didn’t you hear?

Isray-eelis Defense Force sent a missile and blew up one of our Mercedes-Benzes!

Yeah, we have no money, poor us, whimper whine… but even worse, Ahmad, wat was IN the Banz? Four thinking thugs, top terrorists, jihad generals, KA-Blooooey! Blasted to mince-meats, splinters, bite-size pieces conveniently-

What? Oh, sorry. Anyway, you know what this means… CAR SWARM!

Bring your kids and family (except the women, they must remain chained at home) and Come On Down!

Join the Swarm of Jobless Jeehadi Jordyptians as we mill around the remains, rubberneck the wreck, shout imprecations, pose for the cameras and snatch souvenirs!

You did? His WHAT? (laughs) Well, HE won’t be needing it any more!

No, I’ve collected 2 hands, a chunk of scalp (with hair) and an eyeball! I’m making a report to the UN to counter the lies and propaganda calling us ghouls!

Yes, enough of this chit-chatter, Ahmad! Meet me at the Car Swarm!

-Karridine, BSWSpunes.blogspot.com May 21, 2006 CE

Car Swarm!


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