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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ahmadi-Nutjob Declares WAR on US!

Some think Iran's 'Letter to Mr Bush' is just a lot of smarmy phrases, but it was NOT just smarmy phrases!

It was a Formal Declaration of War on the US!

This letter was required under Shari'ah law, and Ahmadi-Nutjob has fulfilled the formal requirements for war, according to all he holds sacred!

NOW he is being lionized in Jakarta for his courageous stand and Declaration of War against the Great Satan!

He isn't being lauded for Great Smarmy Phrases.

He is being praised for GOING TO WAR against the Great Satan, and his 'Letter' ends Iran's wait for our capitulation, on June 6, 2006:
6/6/6, in other words, "Mark of the Beast Day"!



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