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Monday, May 08, 2006

Zarqawi Stars in His Own Low-Brow Comedy!

Musab al-Zarqawi (Don't call him Zarqa-weewee!) came out of seclusion and out of hiding from the few who still care about him enough to capture him, dead or alive...

And released the video he made from the outtakes captured by Coalition forces and released in part yesterday to the amusement of millions around the world, who laughed in derision as Zarqawi, the macho and manly man, showed himself to be a less-than-capable fighter, unable to clear a jammed weapon; surrounded by willing but dangerously stupid underlings (one of whom grabbed the just-fired weapon by its searingly-hot BARREL!); and forced to make this hasty attempt at third-rate propaganda because the Iraqis are marginalising him, despite all his murderous IEDs and head-hacking kidnappings!

So here, for your listening pleasure, are two Zarkman Adventures:

Oh-Blah, Zarkman!
Mahmoud Snivels!

Share them with any humour-impaired that you may know, or friends and family!



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