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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Gaza "Militant" Picnic

Don't miss the first annual Gaza militant picnic.
Place: Qassam firing range. Contests and prizes for all Islamo-barbarians. But you have to be present in one piece to be eligible.

- Burqa sack race.
- Car swarm treasure hunt.
- Stone the adultress (all who are without sin!)
- Cat Tractor rides (Courtesy St. Pancake Carnaval Enterprises, Inc.)
- Arts & Crafts tent, offering make-your-own Hamas battle scarf/face mask; evil Zionist rub-on tatoos; victimhood sign painting. (Hat tip: Lazarus)
- Hand painting (blood red only).
- Fence climbing and tunnel crawling marathon.
- Bomb assembly race (can you finish without a "work accident"?).

- French kiss the tight, young boy of your choice (you must catch him, first!)
- Shoot your AK-47 straight up in the air contest; compete with others to see who can hit themself on the way down).

- 1ST PRIZE: Bomb belts for the whole family.
- 2ND PRIZE: Israeli flag, gasoline, and matches.
- 3RD PRIZE: Jihad, the board game. Now you can play at home!

Grab an earful, Friend:

Gaza Picnic!



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