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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Punk Sucks Wind

For friends from military contacts, WELCOME!

There are several noteworthy items in this reading of the Judge's sentencing at Reid's trial:

1/ Reid tried to kill more than 120 people, and was limited by his capability, NOT by conscience, mores, faith or any sense of justice;

2/ Reid and his closet-homo terrorist buddies HATE America's freedom, HATE American's courage to live life AS WE CHOOSE, for better or for worse, responsible to the Lord, God Almighty!

3/ Reid is a punk, who will now have DECADES in which to savor his own ignorance; and

4/ America strives to find true justice, because what we mete out to the Reids of the world is what we want for ourselves!

Right Click and Save as... "Reid Shoe Bummer!"


And another noteworthy consideration: THIS was only very rarely heard on the Mainslime Media! It WAS discussed openly and often in the blogosphere!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Little Al" Zarqaweewee Complains Bigtime!

Musab al-Zarqawi (sometimes known as al-Zarkawiwi), has emailed to complain that I and others compare him to left-leaning liberals, and that upsets him no end.

Listen to Zarqawi's rant here, as he says, "Don't Compare Me to Moonbats!"

If you can't refrain from comparing Zarqawiwi to moonbats, then at least nominate him for "Global Islamic Media Person-of-the-Year", so he can get the GIMPy Award!

And if you don't use 'Aloha Snackbar as Your Resort to Violence', you should at least remember that 'Its in the Koran!'


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Psycho-Sexual Perverts

Pierre Rehov bravely posts his interview after successfully filming and producing SEVEN documentaries on the dynamics of life in the Jordyptian territories.

This is the most explosive, in more ways than one, for he interviewed splodeydopes and their families, and documents the psycho-sexual perversions motivating them to kill. It is chilling and revealing at the same time!

"Suicide Killers!" (Right-Click and Save as...)


High-Water Mark Now Past!

The Turning Tide (Rt click and Save as...)

Have you ever sat beside the ocean and tried to observe the rising or falling of the tide? Wave after wave comes in, goes out and minutes pass, then hours, but if you’re observant AND patient, the high-water mark you noted a few moments ago remains as THE high-water mark, and then you can confidently state that the tide has shifted…

The Turning Tide shortly and succinctly NAILS the recent losses of an anti-American, pro-Islamicist mouthpiece organization, and what those losses mean to freedom-loving humans around the world!

Stay tuned for "Suicide Killers!" by Pierre Rehov. Psycho-sexual DYNAMITE!


The Oslo Process

An excellent essay for your enlightenment, posted Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna, and written by Fjordman. In this, Fjordman examines the "Oslo Peace Process" as it has been re-defined in reality and in practice by today's Muslims and their apologists.

Without further ado, please Right-click and 'Save as...'

"Oslo Process"
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

They're each about 8 minutes long, after editing and compressing, and they all shine a bright light onto the dynamics of the Islamic effort to subjugate and conquer Norway and Scandinavia.

I wonder how many other people have noticed the parallels to true parasitism?


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wonderful Week!

Here we go, about to start a wonderful week!

The Community of the Greatest Name has chosen its administration's representatives for this year, and is celebrating the Days of Paradise!

Contrast this with the fevered rantings of Musab al-Zarkawee, whose rabid ravings were captured by IowaHawk, and are featured here by permission: "Fourth of July" (Right-click and Save as...)


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Welcome, Friends of Brain Surgery With Spoons!

You'll get a SECOND post in a few hours. I have other responsibilities to fulfill, but then, it'll be business as usual.

And just to keep you in the mood, here's "Its In the Koran!"

and "Why Arab Armies Lose!"