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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Punk Sucks Wind

For friends from military contacts, WELCOME!

There are several noteworthy items in this reading of the Judge's sentencing at Reid's trial:

1/ Reid tried to kill more than 120 people, and was limited by his capability, NOT by conscience, mores, faith or any sense of justice;

2/ Reid and his closet-homo terrorist buddies HATE America's freedom, HATE American's courage to live life AS WE CHOOSE, for better or for worse, responsible to the Lord, God Almighty!

3/ Reid is a punk, who will now have DECADES in which to savor his own ignorance; and

4/ America strives to find true justice, because what we mete out to the Reids of the world is what we want for ourselves!

Right Click and Save as... "Reid Shoe Bummer!"


And another noteworthy consideration: THIS was only very rarely heard on the Mainslime Media! It WAS discussed openly and often in the blogosphere!